Through the generosity of our volunteers, ASAP is pleased to provide law cards that summarize state as well as federal service animal and service animal in training laws.

We will be creating and releasing new law cards as the demand arises.

Fill out our contact form to tell us which state you'd like to see.

Advocates for Service Animal partners is able to provide these resources thanks to the generosity of supporters like you! Please let us know our mission is important to you by making a one-time gift. Better yet, why not ensure our resources are available in the future by making an ongoing commitment to the only organization whose sole mission is to support, protect, and advance the civil rights of service animal handlers. 

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How to use these files:

1. Go to the link below to find the state you wish to download;
2. Once you click on the link, the file will automatically open. This file contains two pages – one page is the federal law and the other page is the state law;
3. Place as many sheets of Avery template #5871 paper in your printer. Each box contains 20 sheets with ten cards per sheet;
4. If your printer offers a double-sided option, choose this;
5. Print as many copies as you wish and pass them out ! This small gesture will have a huge effect!

These cards are convenient simplifications of state laws. The laws are much more complex. Please read the actual state laws in your geographic area.

You can also call our hotline for guidance applying state and federal laws to a specific area of concern. You can call 855-ASAP211 (855-272-7211) to speak with a special advocate trained to offer guidance and intervention.

For general information about service animals or for other administrative needs, please call our office during business hours of 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Eastern, Monday-Friday 386-ASAP411 (386-272-7411)